About Us

Convex Strategies Pte Ltd (Convex Strategies) is a licensed fund manager in Singapore. The core of the team have been together since 2011 when they joined Fortress Investment Group in Singapore, launching the Convex Asia Fund in May 2012. With the closure of the Liquid Markets division of Fortress in late 2015, the team moved to City Financial Investment Company Pte Ltd in July 2016, where they continued to run the fund. City Financial Investment Company went into administration in the UK in March 2019. Following a management buy out of the Singapore company, and continuous uninterrupted running of the fund, Convex Strategies Pte Ltd was launched in April 2019.

Risk management is at the core of everything Convex Strategies does for their investors – either through investment vehicles or advisory work. Highly reliable and efficient hedging strategies are designed to protect against dislocations in asset markets. Both hard to measure and misunderstood, correlation risk across diversified portfolios is an area of particular interest for Convex Strategies.

As agnostic value investors in volatility, Convex Strategies undertakes extensive research across regions and asset classes globally for investment opportunities, with primary focus on structured product markets. It is this agnostic approach that underpins the group’s thinking that “a view is what you think will happen, risk is what hurts when you are wrong”.

Our logo represents the idea of identical building blocks creating a structure. In the world of mathematics this idea finds an echo in fractals, which are geometric figures where each part has the same statistical character as the whole. Fractals can be useful in helping to understand and model structures, where similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, more widely known as self-similarity.

Convex Strategies is authorised and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
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